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Personalized chocolate products.

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Our chocolate products are made to order.

Belgium and German-made chocolate is used in the production processes.

Colourful drawings, texts and photo-pictures are printed onto chocolate with the help of our special technology.

Flavorful and tested recipes are used for our fillings.

Our chocolate products can be used as carriers of advertisement for any kind of business.

Hotels, Retaurants, Cafes

Personalized chocolate candies for hotel rooms
Personalized chocolate candies to go with coffee or tea
Personalized chocolate decor elements added to cakes, desserts, ice-creams, and cocktails

Food producers and confectioneries

Personalized chocolate decors for cakes, and pies
Personalized chocolate tablets for ice-cream boxes
Personalized chocolate decors for ice-cream dishes

Sweets for marketing and advertisement activities

Advertisement campaigns
For visitors to exhibition stands
Anniversary parties
Business gifts

Special non-standard products or products in small quantities: even single pieces.

Special one piece chocolate present for a special person
Chocolate pictures or photos printed onto a single piece
Rewards or prizes

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